YouTube Testing AI-Powered Idea Generator for Video Clips

Tech Giants Increasing CapEx for AI Massively, Could Impact Ad Rates

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Big Tech throwing big money at AI in the race to dominate markets, which could result in higher prices for advertising space, some observers think…


  • Top Story: YouTube Testing AI-Powered Idea Generator for Video Clips

  • AI Market Trend: Tech Giants Increasing CapEx for AI Massively, Could Impact Ad Rates

  • Tech Innovation: Apple Rolling Out AI Upgrades to Safari, Spotlight Search and Siri

  • Forecast “Smart Advertising” Market to Reach $2.4 Billion by 2032

  • Breakout Startup: Marketing Personalization, Automation Platform Indigitall Raises $6M


YouTube Testing AI-Powered Idea Generator for Video Clips

YouTube announced it’s experimenting with a tool that uses AI for creators to generate ideas for new content. In response to user prompts, the tool provides content suggestions, notes and outlines, based on current viewer trends.

“YouTube says that the tool will help creators tap into what topics that their viewers want to see more of, as well as fresh angles for creative concepts,” Social Media Today reports.

“Though the concern would be that, if this is based on existing content, much of the recommendations would be largely derivative, as it can only tell you what’s already resonating, not what’s coming next. Which could lead to a lot of similar content.”


Tech Giants Increasing CapEx for AI Massively, Could Impact Ad Rates

Growing capital expenditures (CapEx) for AI initiatives at Google, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft could lead to an increase in the prices they charge for advertising, according to some analysts.

As reported in Campaign, Susan Li CFO of Meta, last week told investors the company’s expected CapEx this year would increase to $10 billion “to support our AI roadmap.” Google’s parent company Alphabet announced its CapEx would be around $12 billion, an increase of around 91%.

Microsoft is expected to increase its CapEx by 50% to more than $50 billion, while Amazon’s spending this year reportedly will also be around $50 billion.

“To recover the massive costs associated with AI infrastructure expansion, the tech firms may increase ad prices and platform fees or alter pricing models for AI-related services, suggested Jacob Bourne, technology analyst at Emarketer,” Campaign reported.


Apple Rolling Out AI Upgrades to Safari, Spotlight Search and Siri

Apple will begin rolling out AI-powered enhancements in June to several of its core system applications including Siri, Mail, Safari, Spotlight Search and Messages, according to published reports.

“Features like text summarization, document analysis, and AI-enhanced search options would all directly benefit end-users in meaningful ways,” according to an article in AppleInsider.

“Apple's approach to generative AI will focus on practical benefits for the end-user while simultaneously attempting to preserve user privacy by using on-device large language models (LLMs).”


“Smart Advertising” Market to Reach $2.4 Billion by 2032

DataHorizzon Research, a market research and advisory company, forecasts the demand for “smart advertising,” which combines device motion, immersive media, and AI will grow from $697 million last year to around $2.4 billion by 2032.

“By dynamically responding to its environment and exchanging data over an information network, smart advertising plays a pivotal role in stimulating consumer interest and boosting conversion rates,” according to the firm.

Key smart advertising market segments include digital posters, interactive kiosks, and digital billboards, among other channels. Key end-user segments include corporate, food & beverage, government, and education, according to the report.


Marketing Personalization, Automation Platform Indigitall Raises $6M

Indigitall, the startup provider of an SaaS platform that personalizes, segments and automates all digital communications across mobile apps, web, and messaging services, has raised $6 million in its first round of venture capital.

The company currently works with over 200 enterprises and has established operations in over 20 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador.

Large companies that use Indigitall in their mobile applications and websites include McDonald’s, Bankinter, Banco de Crédito de Perú, Movistar, Televisa, and Grupo Claro.

Based in Madrid, Indigitall now plans to accelerate its growth in Latin America and Spain and to launch services in the US market.

Indigitall Founders Xavier Omella (l) and Juan Carlos de la Vela (r)

“We were very impressed by the strong position that Indigitall has staked out in the Spanish-speaking market,” said Mike Majors, managing partner at Data Point Capital, which led the funding deal.

“Achieving triple digit revenue growth and profitability in the past three years signals the strength of business and validates the vision of Juan Carlos and Xavier,” Majors said.

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