Six Quick Steps for B2B Marketers to Drive AI Adoption

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Now’s a good time for marketers to shine in the eyes of senior management, in terms of leading effective adoption of AI tools and processes within their organizations…


A new in-depth survey of 520 B2B marketers employed mostly at the manager level or higher, conducted by the virtual events and content marketing tech firm ON24, reveals that almost 9 in 10 respondents are already adopting AI to some degree in their operations.

ON24’s research found that 87% of all B2B marketers are currently using or testing AI, and more than half (53%) of are using the technology “significantly” while one third (34%) are currently evaluating AI options and planning for its future use.

Respondents to the ON24 survey of marketers reported the following top three challenges they currently face, in terms of making AI work:

• Tech platforms and workflows aren’t well integrated (33%)

• Personalization of content is proving difficult to achieve (30%)

• Buyer engagement and conversion rates are dropping (24%)


A separate study, the Artificial Intelligence Index Report from Stanford University, revealed that marketing and sales functions witnessed the largest adoption rates of AI last year, compared to any other department.

Further, B2B marketers who are already using AI are 7X more likely to have exceeded their key performance goals, according to ON24’s research.

Meanwhile, close to three-quarters (72%) of B2B marketers say their executives are asking them about how they plan to use AI. As the ON24 report points out, studies from multiple other sources show that business executive leaders are being proactive in driving AI adoption inside their organizations.

The McKinsey Global Survey, for example, revealed that nearly one-quarter of C-suite executives are personally using AI tools for their own work.

“B2B marketers should therefore consider using executive excitement as a way to win budget for more foundational improvements,” according to ON24’s analysis. “With AI now a key boardroom and C-suite topic, this gives marketers an even greater seat at the table.”


Given the window of opportunity for marketers to leverage current senior-level executive enthusiasm for AI adoption, here are six key areas to focus on to help drive success with their organizations, in an incremental fashion:

1. Examine internal policies for restrictions that impact use of AI and address these first.

2. Identify the most enthusiastic marketing team members and provide them with access and training on AI tools.

3. Develop your own successful use cases, which in turn can encourage wider adoption and support across the organization.

4. Make AI tools a standard part of your workflows to produce short-form marketing content.

5. Expand AI workflows and processes to generate longer-form content.

6. Further expand AI applications across the entire customer journey, to create personalized content for a broader range of touchpoints.

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