Kajabi Partners with Adobe to Launch GenAI Video Platform

European Parliament Passes Artificial Intelligence Act

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AI martech startups are raising venture capital, others in the space are merging, and the first major regulations impacting AI businesses are coming out of the EU…


  • Top News: Kajabi Partners with Adobe to Launch GenAI Video Platform

  • M&A News: Personalized Messaging Firm Shift Paradigm Acquires Principle Studios

  • Venture Funding Deals: AI Video Tech Company Tavus Raises $18 Million | Customer Journey AI Platform FERMAT Raises $17 Million

  • AI Regulation: European Parliament Passes Artificial Intelligence Act


Kajabi Partners with Adobe to Launch GenAI Video Platform

Kajabi, the provider of a video platform for creators, announced it has partnered with Adobe to officially launch a generative AI tool called Creator Studio, which enables users to quickly turn a single video into dozens of segments for distribution across multiple channels including social posts, blog posts and email.

Integrated with Adobe Express video editing tools, Kajabi’s service allows creators to quickly cut, crop, and trim video footage as well as add music from hundreds of royalty-free Adobe Stock soundtracks.

Since the service’s beta launch in May 2023, Kajabi users have produced over 50,000 pieces of content and reduced time spent on content creation by over 90%, according to the company.

“According to Kajabi’s State of Creators 2024 report, 72% of six-figure creators use AI tools at least weekly, compared to only 54% of lower-earning creators,” the company reports. “By using Creator Studio, creators and entrepreneurs save over 20 hours a month and reduce time spent on marketing by 90%.”

“Additional product integrations between Adobe Express and Kajabi are in development to support the growth of creator businesses,” according to the announcement.


Personalized Messaging Firm Shift Paradigm Acquires Principle Studios

Shift Paradigm, a company backed by Growth Catalyst Partners that provides personalized messaging tech for marketers, has acquired Principle Studios, a design and technology consultancy.

“Principle Studios enhances our proficiency in the areas of UX/UI, engineering and digital transformation,” said Liz Ross, CEO of Shift Paradigm. “With their incredible talent and focus on customer service driven organizations, we are poised to redefine the digital experience.”

Founded in 2017 and based in Los Angeles, Principle had roughly 40-plus employees prior to the acquisition. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“We are excited about the opportunity to join Shift Paradigm in its world-class service, delivering digital transformation and modern marketing strategies to improve CX and MarTech stack performance,” Ryan Brill, Managing Director of Principle Studios.


AI Video Tech Company Tavus Raises $18 Million 

Tavus, a generative AI video tech developer targeting the sales, marketing and online learning space, has raised $18 million in its first round of venture capital, which was led by Scale Venture Partners and included participation from Sequoia Capital, Y Combinator, and HubSpot.

The company also announced the beta launch of its developer platform, which provides proprietary models that are accessible through APIs for product teams seeking to build personalized video applications.

Tavus began innovating generative AI video tech in 2020, initially with large-scale personalized video campaigns using lip-syncing and audio-blending techniques. Tavus’ most recent model called “Pheonix” generates realistic talking-head videos, with natural face movements and expressions that use “neural radiance fields (NeRFs).”

Customer Journey AI Platform FERMAT Raises $17 Million

FERMAT, a startup that allows marketers to create personalized shopping experiences, announced it has raised $17 million in its first round of venture capital, bringing the company’s total funding raised to data to over $30 million.

The investment was led by Bain Capital Ventures, with participation from Greylock, QED Investors and Courtside Ventures.

FERMAT uses AI and machine learning to provide “a unique and personalized journey from ad to shop to sale.” Throughout the process, FERMAT carries relevant information about the customer, such as products they like, discounts they’ve seen, and influencers they follow.

“As cookies have disappeared, retailers have struggled to generate the same levels of performance from their advertising campaigns on TikTok, Instagram and other social platforms,” according to the company.

“Brands have returned to providing one-size-fits-all, static experiences that engage shoppers far less effectively. With FERMAT, e-commerce brands can support thousands of different iterations of the same storefront, each imbued with the shopper’s personal context.”


European Parliament Passes Artificial Intelligence Act

The European Parliament, one of several legislative bodies within the European Union, has passed the Artificial Intelligence Act, intended as a first major step towards regulating AI businesses.

“The main idea of the law is to regulate AI based on its capacity to cause harm to society,” according to BBC. “The higher the risk, the stricter the rules. AI applications that pose a ‘clear risk to fundamental rights’ will be banned, for example some of those that involve the processing of biometric data.”

AI systems involving critical infrastructure, education, healthcare, law enforcement, or elections, would be considered high risk. Low-risk applications such as spam filters would face the least strict regulation, and the EU expects most services to fall into this category, according to the report.

Before it becomes law, the legislation must pass several more steps including endorsement by the European Council.


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