Jupiter Research: Mobile Message Marketing to Explode Next 5 Years

Marketing ROI Prediction Provider Alembic Raises $14 Million

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A predicted explosion in mobile message marketing, the inevitable rise of chatbots and agents, and new AI-powered tech that predicts ROI for campaigns are highlighted in today’s edition.


  • Top Story: Jupiter Research: Mobile Message Marketing to Explode Next 5 Years

  • Startup Funding: Marketing ROI Prediction Provider Alembic Raises $14 Million

  • Top AI Marketing Trend: Gartner: AI Chatbots, Agents to Reduce Search Engine Volume 25% by 2026

  • AI Marketing Award: Drift Named No. 3 Winner in G2 Annual Awards for AI Providers

  • Today’s Master Marketing Tip: Allen Gannett, founder of TrackMaven


Jupiter Research: Mobile Message Marketing to Explode Next 5 Years

A new report from Juniper Research forecasts an explosion in enterprise spending on generative AI for mobile messaging, anticipating a 1,250% increase to $11 billion by 2028—up from $830 million in 2024.

The projected surge is attributed to mobile messaging’s ability to automate and personalize content, enhancing marketing strategies and customer interactions through chatbots.

In a report summary, Juniper Research analyst Molly Gatford emphasizes that leveraging generative AI in omnichannel strategies will not only secure a substantial return on investment for enterprises but also transform mobile messaging into a formidable sales channel, rivalling both online platforms and traditional retail outlets.

The study underscores the importance for marketers to integrate generative AI into omnichannel strategies to avoid a siloed approach and ensure a unified customer experience across all messaging platforms, including RCS (Rich Communications Services).

The expected adoption of RCS by iOS devices will contribute to a rise in active RCS users to 2.9 billion by 2028, making it responsible for over 40% of generative AI mobile messaging expenditure due to its rich media capabilities, according to the Juniper forecast.


Marketing ROI Prediction Provider Alembic Raises $14 Million

Alembic, an AI startup that’s developing software to predict revenue and ROI for marketing campaigns, has raised $14 million in its first round of venture capital, which was led by WndrCo, an investment company owned by DreamWorks founder Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Alembic’s software applies AI and mathematics developed during the pandemic for identifying causes, treatments and mortality in disparate data and populations. It analyzes and evaluates unstructured and complex data to predict marketing ROI and future revenue based on the results.

The company’s platform leverages unstructured data from TV, radio, social media, out-of-home, sponsorship and digital marketing to predict revenue and profit for its customers, providing a real-time view to optimize all marketing activity and sales funnel movement. Alembic says it uses only anonymous and “privacy-respecting” aggregate data.

Current customers for Alembic include brands such as NVIDIA, Texas A&M and North Sails.


Gartner: AI Chatbots, Agents to Reduce Search Engine Volume 25% by 2026

Traditional search engine volume will drop 25% within the next two years, with search marketing losing market share to AI chatbots and other virtual agents, according to a new report by the research firm Gartner.

As GenAI drives down the cost of producing content it will substantially impact keyword strategy and website domain authority scoring, the report predicts. Search engine algorithms will further value the quality of content to offset the sheer amount of AI-generated content.

“Content utility and quality still reigns supreme for success in organic search results,” according to Gartner.

“Companies will need to focus on producing unique content that is useful to customers and prospective customers,” said Alan Antin, vice president and analyst at Gartner. “Content should continue to demonstrate search quality-rater elements such as expertise, experience, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.” 


Drift Named No. 3 Winner in G2 Annual Awards for AI Providers

Drift, a provider of AI-powered conversational marketing tech for B2B customers, has been named No. 3 overall winner in the Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Products for 2024 from G2, an annual peer-to-peer review competition.

Founded in 2015, Drift helps B2B sellers create more engaging customer experiences through an AI-powered platform that “listens, understands and learns from buyers to deliver personalized experiences and recommendations at every touchpoint.”

The company’s platform connects marketers and website visitors in real-time conversations to surface the right content, answer questions, or qualify and convert buyers through the sales funnel.

In announcing the award, G2 also said Drift helps sellers to close deals by giving them a unified place to get real-time buyer insights, collaborate with teammates, and jumpstart personalized conversations through chat, video, email, or phone.

Drift also helps support agents focus on high-priority customers by deflecting low-level issues and “empowering customers to answer their own questions,” according to the award announcement. 


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