InfoSum Introduces Solution for Securing First-Party Data

Experian, S&P Global Mobility and Tesco Media are among first customers.

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Experian, S&P Global Mobility, and Tesco Media & Insight Platform are among the first customers using InfoSum’s new solution for protecting privacy and leveraging first-party data.


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InfoSum Introduces Solution for Securing First-Party Data

InfoSum, the provider of a data-collaboration platform, announced this week the launch of a new data solution called Private Path, designed to securely maximize the value of first-party data outside of clean room environments.

“Private Path uses patented non-reversible synthetic identifiers that mean data never has to be shipped in hashed or even raw form,” according to InfoSum. “This approach delivers granular measurement and data analysis at speed and scale for brands, media owners and agency partners while providing end-to-end privacy protection and greater control.”

“As well as creating opportunities for media owners and brands to make more from their first-party data, it also opens up a path for measurement providers to offer new and innovative services to their clients, empowering them to perform analysis of campaign performance at speed without any risk of exposing sensitive customer data,” said Brian Lesser, chairman and CEO of InfoSum.

Experian, ITV, NCSolutions, S&P Global Mobility, and Tesco Media & Insight Platform are among InfoSum’ first customers that are in the process of using the new solution, the company reports.


Marketing Platform Developer Micoworks Raises $24.5M

Micoworks, the Japan-based developer of marketing platforms for optimizing communications between companies and their customers, has raised $24.5 million in its second round of venture capital, which was led by Vertex Growth.

Micoworks said it will use the new funding to enhance the product features of its two main platforms, MicoCloud and Micomii, and plans to expand into the Asian region. The company is currently setting up development teams in Philippines and Taiwan, as the use of “conversational commerce” enjoys rapid adoption in Asia.

Micoworks intends to integrate MicoCloud with various popular communication channels in Asia, the company said.

“Micoworks has impressively evolved beyond a basic LINE chat tool SaaS to become the fastest-growing enterprise suite, offering a data-driven and one-to-one communication platform,” said Junichi Murata, partner at Eight Roads Ventures Japan, which also invested in the new funding deal.

Freethinking Capital Forms Strategic Partnership with FirstPartyCapital

Freethinking Capital, a newly launched investment arm of The Freethinking Group, has announced a strategic partnership with FirstPartyCapital (FPC), an early-stage venture capital firm that specializes in ad tech, martech, and digital media.

Since its founding three years ago, FirstPartyCapital has raised $13 million and invested in 16 companies. The firm's aim is to complete 20 investments and have $15 million under management for its first fund, before seeking to launch a $50 million second fund towards the end of 2024.

“This partnership is all about supercharging growth and nurturing connections,” said Simon Crunden, CEO of The Freethinking Group. “The combination of investment and collaboration is going to help more of our clients and brands gain access to the tech and talent that FirstPartyCapital has cultivated within its portfolio.”

FirstPartyCapital’s current investment portfolio includes Lumen, Good-loop, and Evorra.


Vbrick Launches New AI Tools for Managing Video Content

Vbrick, a venture capital-backed provider of video solutions for the enterprise, announced on Wednesday the release of several new artificial intelligence capabilities within its platform that automate tasks and improve content search.

The company’s new AI-powered summarization tool allows content owners to automatically create video descriptions based on transcripts, improving video metadata and simplifying content discovery.

Additionally, a new natural language processing capability reviews content to support moderation of video for high-value or sensitive material, delivers personalized video recommendations, and tracks video content trends.

“The totality of an organization’s video content is a treasure trove of unused value,” said Paul Sparta, Vbrick’s chairman and CEO. “Vbrick’s EVP first federates video content, then, our video AI distills the value from the video and makes it consumable and available to the appropriate business process.”

Founded in 1998, Vbrick has raised over $80 million in venture capital.


Analyst: AI Agent Ad Revenue to Grow from $1B in 2024 to $7B Next Year

According to a new report from analyst Dan Salmon at New Street Research, ad revenues from sponsored links delivered to potential customers within AI agent conversations on Meta and Snap will total $1 billion this year and $7 billion next year, MediaPost reported. Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and other “bespoke” agents such as BMBL’s BFF agent are also developing solutions to compete in the same space.


“Listen to your customers, not your competitors.”

— Joel Spolsky, co-Founder of Trello

Joel Spolsky is a software engineer, book author, and co-founder the project management software company Trello, which was acquired in 2017 by Atlassian for $425 million.

He began working at Microsoft in 1991 as a program manager on the Microsoft Excel team, where he designed Excel Basic.

Spolsky’s advice for those on the marketing side of the house?

If you worry about how your competitors are positioning themselves rather than focusing like a laser on what your customers want and need, you’re missing the point!


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