Apple Intelligence Launch: Initial Takeaways for Marketers

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Apple unveiled its new suite of AI tools which is co-powered by ChatGPT. One thing the company didn’t launch, as some had feared, was a new ad blocker…


The new Apple Intelligence suite of AI tools was unveiled by the company at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, raising some issues for marketers who operate in Apple’s ecosystem of almost 2 billion users.

The suite of solutions, which is jointly powered by ChatGPT and Apple’s own large language models trained on personal user information, includes new capabilities for the Siri personal assistant; changes in how user mail and notifications are categorized; and a new text-to-emoji generation tool called “Genmoji.”

One expected feature that did NOT make it into the Apple Intelligence suite was an ad blocker that some in the marketing and advertising world worried was coming, although concerns still remain about what Apple might do in this regard.


New features introduced with Apple Intelligence suite represent the company’s biggest initiative with generative AI tech to date and affect how brands should design content and user interface (UI) for their apps.

New AI features included with Apple’s Discover, Highlights, Reader and Viewer apps suggest the company may further control how content generated by marketers will (or won’t) be presented to Apple users.

Some observers anticipate Apple Intelligence will serve to further “ringfence” its user base from marketers and advertisers whose platforms rely on access to customer data to function effectively.


In brief, here are some key aspects of the new Apple Intelligence suite release that marketers should be aware of to succeed within the company’s massive ecosystem:


The company announced that developers are now able to integrate Siri, powered by Apple Intelligence, into their own apps to allow for faster and easier voice navigation.

Apple Intelligence is focused on personal context, meaning that Siri can provide better insights on what a user is specifically looking for and then deliver the most relevant products or information.


A new “Highlights” feature in Apple’s web browser detects and emphasizes pertinent information for users—a shift toward more customer-focused web navigation. Marketing content should align with this new feature for maximized visibility and engagement among Apple users.


A new update to the control center on iPhone devices allows customers more control over their interfaces, providing more precise profiling of customer behavior and delivering an experience that aligns with individual preferences and can benefit marketers.


Apple’s new Genmoji tool allows for instant generation of images from text descriptions, giving marketers a novel way to create visually unique content

WatchOS 11

Marketers can now provide “instant updates” to WatchOS11 as a means to keep connected with customers.

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