AI for Sales-Funnel Optimization: The Overlooked Opportunity

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There’s an area of marketing apart from content creation where AI solutions can provide strong ROI, but many marketers haven’t begun to tap into it yet…


A newly released survey of 454 executive-level marketing leaders explores their most common use cases of AI over the past year, as well as plans for the next 12 months.

Among the top findings of the survey, which was commissioned by the AI digital assistant tech provider Conversica, are the following:

  • 71% of respondents used AI for data gathering and analysis in the past 12 months, while only 40% used AI for sales-funnel optimization.

  • 89% reported that AI-driven initiatives directly contributed to an increase in revenue in the last year. Those planning to use AI for inbound follow-up and outbound lead gen were more likely than others to have seen revenue increases (95% and 92%, respectively).

  • A notable percentage (44%) believe that AI technologies have the potential to significantly impact the middle of their sales funnels with lead nurture and qualification, topping the list of use cases with the biggest impact on conversion rates.

  • Overall trust in AI is moderately high, with 45% reporting complete trust and 44% reporting some trust in AI's ability to deliver reliable, brand-accurate information.


The survey underscores the strategic importance of adopting the right AI tools to get the most impact, driving innovation and gaining competitive advantage in marketing.

Those with more trust in AI to act autonomously are more likely (57.5%) to plan an increase for investment in AI tools, while they’re also less likely to explore or test new AI applications. “They know what works and they’re doubling down,” according to the survey report.

A key finding is the correlation between specific AI use cases and revenue growth.

Despite a positive link between funnel-focused AI use cases, it is an untapped area for most marketing executives. The survey indicates that while AI usage for content creation and data analysis is prevalent, funnel optimization remains underutilized.


The above survey and analysis indicate a significant opportunity for marketers to capitalize on AI's potential for optimizing sales funnel movement and conversions, beyond the technology’s use for content creation only.

At the same time, the survey points to the importance of adopting trustworthy AI technologies that offer scalable, “human-in-the-loop” capabilities. Closed, brand-specific large language models provide an effective strategy for maintaining balance between autonomous AI actions and valid concerns about the degree of trustworthiness of current AI tools.

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