How to 3x Customer Satisfaction with AI: Aberdeen Research

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A new study indicates AI that improves customer experience (CX) represents one of the most promising areas for generating long-term business growth, by focusing on the full range of customer interactions and the data they provide…


According to a new study from Aberdeen Research, businesses that employ best practices for using AI are realizing 3x greater improvements in customer satisfaction, year over year, compared to businesses that don’t.

They’re also enjoying a 4x improvement in customer effort scores, which measure how easy it is for customers to use a company's products or services, as well as a 5.5 greater increase in employee job satisfaction.


Some of the smartest business leaders today are re-evaluating their customer experience (CX) programs in terms of new AI solutions available on the market, which can support long-term business growth when used most effectively.

AI can empower employees to deliver more satisfying customer interactions, ensuring they are able to maximize every customer touchpoint and channel along the journey, as well as identify future revenue opportunities.

The top reason (59%) that business leaders are using AI technologies, according to Aberdeen, is to improve their ability to leverage data more intelligently in customer interactions. However, a separate survey conducted by the firm revealed that 65% of businesses are not satisfied with their current use of data when managing their CX programs.


Following are few key takeaways about which aspects of customer interaction are the most primed for leveraging AI to maximize long-term satisfaction for both customers and employees, and to support long-term business growth.

Timely, Personalized Interactions

AI tools are available today that analyze customer data across all channels and touchpoints to improve resolution times. Provide employees with relevant training tools and materials, as well as considering the deployment of effective self-service capabilities for customers.

Improved Decision-Making

Leverage customer data from all channels and touchpoints to guide strategic business decisions and identify areas for continuous service improvements and efficiencies.

More Engaging Content

Use AI to analyze and act on customer signals in real-time across all channels, and employ generative and predictive AI, fed by continuously refreshed data, to accelerate idea development and roll-out new marketing campaigns.

Just these few strategies, when effectively implemented, can enable your organization to take advantage of new AI solutions that are designed to help adapt to changing customer behaviors, manage costs, and maximize customer lifetime value.

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